Small Island Big Song - FREE TICKETS

Listen to Global Ginga on KZSU or Podcast for a chance to be our guest at the concert! 

Small Island Big Song is a music, film, live project featuring over a hundred musicians across 16 island nations of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, creating a contemporary and relevant musical statement of a region in the frontline of cultural and environmental challenges. 

The album & film were composed, recorded, shot and overdubbed in nature, on the artists' custodial land. 

The 2022 tour includes Stanford and shares their new album "Our Island!" 

Drawing on a roster of respected first nation islander artists, the concert features musicians performing irresistible oceanic grooves to soulful island ballads. Combining music, spoken word and live cinema with AV projections featuring footage collected during a 3-year film trip across 16 countries guided by the artists on their homelands. They will be here on Feb 9th!

Listen to Global Ginga and email me at for your chance to win tickets!

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