Curated by Cumbancha founder, Jacob Edgar, who spends hours every day listening to music for his research for Cumbancha and Putumayo, this epic playlist features songs for every mood. 

Discover exceptional songs and artists of many different cultures. Add your…

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Art, Music and Brazilian Cuisine on November 13th

Come join us and celebrate a day of Art, Music and Brazilian Cuisine on November 13th from 11AM to 4PM.

Silicon Valley attracts outstanding talent from all over the globe and that talent is no less outstanding for those in…

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Brazilian Music Festival - Lavagem

Celebrate Brazilian Culture! 

This event pays homage to two major celebrations in Brazil – Brazil’s Independence Day and a traditional  Lavagem – a spiritual cleansing ceremony dating back to the time in Salvador Bahia when Africans brought to Brazil as…

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Sun, Aug 15 @ 5pm 

Montgomery Theater Stage

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, vocalist Claudia Villela boasts a glorious five-octave range. A supremely inventive scat singer, she draws on a vast range of Brazilian traditions and interprets lyrics…

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Want to Work in the Music Industry?

This week I'd like to focus more on job searching tips and more specifically, on the music industry.  Last week I attended the Music Tectonics event hosted by special guest Tom Truitt, partner and head of the Entertainment practice…

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Global Ginga Welcomes CEU! Interview + Music

Céu's APKÁ! continues her journey into electrified space while taking even more time to find moments of softness. Blissful interpretations of late-night dance music styles and high-heat MPB make for a multidimensional release of soulful energy, replete with the effortless …Read more