Tradisyon by Wesli (Cumbancha Label)

Wesli's music is a syncretic blend of electronic music, Afrobeat, soul, funk, hip-hop and more.Tradisyon, released by Cumbancha, is the first of a two-part project that retells the story of Haiti’s past and imagines its future. 

Overflowing with 19 songs, Tradisyon explores traditional chants from the voodoo religion, explosive carnival rara rhythms and lilting, folksy twoubadou songs. As of this writing, the album is #5 on the Transglobal World Music Chart. 

Use this album to celebrate the music of Haiti knowing that you are in good hands. Recommended tracks: 

#3 To pumping accordion and sadly dancing strings, “Kay Koulé Trouba” uses a house with a leaking roof as a metaphor for the state of the nation.The song draws on the sounds of twoubadou, the folk 
music of Haiti, which first developed in response to colonial bans on traditional Afro-Haitian 
music and its instruments. 
# 4 Makonay - a flamboyant tune featuring vocals, percussion and a lively dance beat intertwined with a Latin rhythm. 
#16 Ay Lina - reminds me of the Brazilian lambada rhythm or the Caribbean merengue.A classic twoubadou song first sung by Haitian icon Ti Paris in the 1950s, “Ay Lina” is ripe with double-entendres and tells of a man asking a girl he loves to come and dance with him.

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