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Couleur by Dobet Gnahore - Cumbancha Label 

Grammy-Winner, Dobet Gnahoré,  is one of Africa's hottest and most beloved talents. With her amazing voice, incredible dance moves, powerful presence, and colorful style sense, Dobet Gnahoré appeals to fans of Angelique Kidjo, Yemi Alade, Fatoumata Diawara and other divas of African music. Dobet’s electrifying new album Couleur was recorded in Africa during the pandemic, and celebrates local talent, women’s rights, creativity and positivity in spite of challenging times.

I hear a lot of styles on this album. Before I had even looked at the words, I was struck by the variety of rhythms and textures. There is one theme that runs through all of the tracks on this album: dancing. The messages are messages of hope. That is the new energy that Dobet wants to put out. Anyone who listens to this album will sense that it is about movement. Listeners will to feel the African origin, but also a little bit of electro and Afropop.  The CD comes in a beautiful 6-panel softpak with a 16-page booklet. Features lush matte finish and colorful photos, along with complete song lyrics in French and English.

"This is an album for these times, coming out of modern Africa, and the production reflects this. Cleverly, it retains accessibility for old school ears more attuned to Angelique Kidjo or even Salif Keita, but has enough punch to keep young clubbers happy. Dobet Gnahoré is back for sure." 
- Afropop Worldwide 
"Cet album optimiste illustre parfaitement l’énergie d’un continent en plein essor, entre grooves électros et danses endiablées." 
- Pan African Music


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The songs are:

1. Désert 03:25 

2. Lève-toi 03:29 

3. Jalouse 03:40 

4. Yakané 03:17 

5. Rédemption 03:19 

6. Wazii 03:07 

7. Woman 02:53 

8. Vis Ta Vie 03:28 

9. Zaliguéhi 02:41 

10. Ma Maison 03:31 

11. Mon Époque 03:43 

12. Mi Pradjô 03:56

Lucas Sanchez Launches EP  

Lucas Sanchez is a young and talented American guitarist, singer, and composer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  When he picked up a guitar at the age of 9, he never stopped.  Motivated by his parents, Lucas attended the California Jazz Conservancy in Berkeley where he acquired a diverse understanding of music and guitar, through different genres such as swing, bop, jazz fusion, Brazilian music, funk, and blues. These experiences led him to pick up his own style for guitar playing and singing.  According to Lucas, he doesn’t really see his music as one specific genre. 

We met the Wente Winery in Livermore.  His band was playing and so were the 49ers, so the house was on fire.  As usually happens, I found myself speaking to the folks around us who happened to be Lucas’parents. A moment later, Lucas was playing Brazilian music much to the delight of my 4 Brazilian guests. We all walked in as strangers but came out with hugs. 

Fast forward a few months and Lucas is now releasing his first album.  I had a chance to speak to him about the process and his inspirations.  You can listen to the live performance and interview below. On the album you will find 6 songs. 

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know - a fusion of rock and funk that might have you inspired to try new foods. 
  2. Moonlight Tango - a rock song with a lot of guitar solos that speaks about the search for something deep. 
  3. Dreaming - a groovy rock/pop song that would perfect for a drive along the coast on hwy 1. 
  4. Howling at the Moon -  when the luau was created, this is the tune they had in mind - a swinging soft rock tune will have everyone looking at the sky. 
  5. Wind - an infectious funky tune with guitar solos that will have you grooving ! 
  6. When Are You Coming Home? - a ballad to wrap things up making you believe that the weekend is here.

Please support Lucas and buy the CD on his website at