Kimi Djabaté, the talented Guinean musician, has released "Dindin"

Global Ginga is proud to introduce you to Kimi Djabaté, the talented Guinean musician, has released his latest album titled "Dindin," on the Cumbancha label, headed by Jacob Edgar. It's is a beautiful and soulful expression of his West African roots. The album consists of ten tracks, with each one showcasing Djabaté's mastery of the kora, an ancient African harp, and the balafón, the African xylophone.  Meaning “children” in Mandinga, Dindin meditates on the social and political situation in Africa, treating difficult themes such as religion, women’s rights, poverty and education with sensitivity and nuance.

The opening track, "Afonhe," immediately sets the tone for the album with its catchy rhythm and uplifting message about the difficulties some people have with being honest.“Nowadays people have some troubles with telling the truth, to have clarity in their communication,” explains Djabaté. “Because love also means trusting the other. If there is no truth things will get complicated later.”

The next track, “Yensoro” is a song about giving a relationship a chance to grow before calling it off. “We had a chance / To be happy / But you didn’t wait / You had me in your hands / I had you in mine / But you didn’t wait.” It is backed by interlocking balafón and guitar lines with a soulful accordion riff.

With its striking electric rock guitar riffs, “Alidonke” is one of the highlights of the album. With hints of Tuareg desert blues, and a driving, irresistible beat, Kimi sings joyfully of love. “Smile at me / My love / Speak to me / Give me your hand / It’s you that I want / The love of my life arrived / My friend has arrived.”

Overall, "Dindin" is an outstanding album that showcases Kimi Djabaté's exceptional talent as a musician and his ability to blend Afro-Portuguese rhythms with Afrobeat grooves, electric desert blues and hints of Cuban swing, Djabaté weaves a unique tapestry of smooth, funky and intricate sounds.  Djabaté's vocals are emotive and powerful, and the album's messages of love, unity, and human connection are both timely and universal. "Dindin" is a must-listen for anyone who loves soulful and uplifting music that celebrates the beauty and diversity of African culture.

Kimi has collaborated with many exceptional musicians, including Mory Kanté, Waldemar Bastos, Netos de Gumbé and, most recently, the pop star Madonna. Dindin will easily become a new favorite album for fans of Habib Koité, Toumani Diabaté, Cesaria Evora, Sara Tavares and others.

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