"Samba, Sun, and Global Ginga: A Sizzling Day at San Diego's Brazilian Day Festival!"

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Hey there, party people! If you were in San Diego on September 2nd, you probably felt the rhythm of samba pulsating through the air, the scent of Brazilian street food wafting around, and the joyful laughter of a community coming together. This year, there was a special guest – Global Ginga - interviewing the stars of the day! Click play and listen to the music and chats that made the day memorable.

I had the privilege of catching up with some of the festival's brightest stars. First up, we had a chat with **Saulo**, the headlining act, who couldn't hide his excitement about the festival. He says he is a “matador de saudade,” which is symbolic for being the person who helps transport thousands of people to the thumping streets of Brazil during Carnaval. Saulo had everyone dancing and jumping!

Next, I got to spend some time with the dazzling **Karen Kardasha**, a queen who commands the stage like no other! Karen gives relationship advice in her busy social media life, but at the festival, she got into the singing and dancing, and expressed appreciation for all the attendees who are shining a light on Brazilian culture.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the charming **Flor Jorge**, the daughter of Seu Jorge, whose enchanting voice and vivacious spirit capture the essence of Brazil. I think we made history together. This was Flor Jorge’s debut outside of Los Angeles! Can’t wait to see what where her young career will lead!

And let's not forget the electrifying **Grupo Resenha**, whose lively rhythms keeps the crowd dancing to samba beats! I had to dig a little deep to understand their beef about Los Angeles. Turns out that there is some rivalry there!

I am also thankful for spending time with Marquinho Cavaquinho, an American who fell in love with Brazilian music and the Portuguese language decades ago. Today, he represents Brazilian music at its best!

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